Stopsel 5L RC

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Product Overview

Stopsel RC 5L

Stopsel anti corrosion formual, 101 uses to eliminate the corrosion process that can cause premature failure of many parts and accessories.

Non toxic, chemical free boat safe and human friendy Stopsel solutuion can help prevent so many issue srelated to salt water corrosion.

Dilute 10 to 1 with water for wash down or use a flushing mixer attachment for precise mixing, 100ml to 125ml of Stopsel in a premix canister is suitable for a 2 to 4 minute flush depending on engine size.

Used primarily to flush engines and reduce oxidization, Stopsel can also be sued to wash down trailers, boats, jetskis, engines, engine bays and many other things, its non oil or chemical base ensures that its safe to use on engines and will not cause any smouldering or flames.

If your using oil based lubricants to prevent your engien corrosion then think again, covering your engine with oils is a high fire risk and also carries an eviromental risk if oil residue is dischaged overboard.


Available in 1L, 5L and super conceentrated form, Stopsel offers fantastic value for money protection for a number of items that can be exposed or at risk of corrosion.

Approved by a number of leading engine manufactures and also tested with the Tonsai Team approval, Stopsel is your first line of defence when preventing corrosion and oxidization.


Applicators / mixers and hand held sprays also available.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review