Service and Installation

At Tonsai Marine we specialise in servicing and installing all the products we sell and distribute, our support and service engineers have all been factory trained to the highest standards possible.

Our Experience servicing and supporting the Marine Industry has now grown Tonsai Marine in to a major Marine Parts Supply company and service point, our knowledge with using quality parts, accessories and equipment has helped the company make the perfect choice when representing certain brands, we don't represent nothing we would not use ourselves, we only sell quality genuine products that have certified quality assurance.

From pre-purcahse advice to full quotations, our team can manage your enquiries in good time accurately, do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions either before or after any purchases, our products all come with full factory warranty that Tonsai Marine Honour locally, our trusted partnership with our suppliers means we can make fast decisions on any warranty issues and supply or repair items with minimal downtime, we also support and provide warranty assistance for all our OEM brands regardless where purchased*

Our years of combined service and support worldwide has given us the experience we need to push further and aim higher, at Tonsai Marine we don't just stock it, store it, sell it, we take out all our products and test them ourselves ! we don't sell anything we would not use ourselves, and if it doesn’t pass our in house tests and trials we don't stock it, we wouldn't sell you anything that would not serve its purpose, everything on our site we have tested and can safely say the products meet the highest standards.