DML1330 - 13,3 kW, 230 V, silenced

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Product Overview

1500 RPM Marine Generator - DML1330

DML1330 - 13,3 kW, 230 V, silenced



• Connection on one side

• Elettronic management

• Easy maintenance

• Local and remote control

• Reduced dimensions and noise level


Standards applied

• CE certified

• Power: ISO 8528

• Directive Machinary: 2006/42/CE - 89/392CEE - 98/37/CE

• Electromagnetic compatibility: 2004/108/CE - 89/336/CEE - 93/68/CEE

• Acoustic emmission: 2005/88/CE - 2000/14/CE (sound proof version only)


Standard equipment

Sound proof canopy: Made entirely from marine grade aluminum (LEGA 5754 H111) powder coated,.

EOS® control panel: Weatherproof control panel for engine protection with LCD display. Dimensions on the dashboard 96x96 mm, supplied separately for all the generators. On board the generators there is a selector for manual start bypassing the control panel.

Generating set anchor brackets: 4 steel brackets to attach the generator to the floor of the boat.

Emergency button: Emergency button positioned on the Generating Set to allow for the immediate shutdown in case of danger or damage.

Manuals: User and installation manuals of the generating set along with relative engine and alternator user manuals.


Optional equipment

• Silenced muffler kit

• Sea water intake kit

• Siphon breaker

• Water gas separator

• Electrical fuel pump

• Diesel prefilter with water separator

• Intercooler system

• Diesel water separator



EOS® is the most advanced and complete command and control board for Coelmo Marine Generators, available as standard across the range. It allows to monitor all the major electrical and mechanical parameters of the generator, to have it constantly under control.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review