Compact i21 VSD Air Conditioning 7000 - 21000 BTU/h

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Product Overview

Compact i21 VSD, Range 7000-21,000 BTU/h

Thermostat with WiFI connection included


Self-contained-VSD air conditioners provides the best of the existing technology: - compressor with brushless DC motor and inverter that constantly controls speed and cooling power delivered (Variable Speed Drive); - reverse blade brushless fan; electronic expansion valve; - R410A refrigerant.

Three sizes available: 10.000, 16.000 and 27.000 BTU/h

The inverter technology, already used in residential air-conditioning, offers the following benefits in marine applications:

• No current peaks during start-up

• Highest energy efficiency: overall reduction of electricity consumption (-40%)

• Perfectly running with small generators or battery powered

• Compressor noise and vibrations almost zero

• Constant temperature of the air flow

• Wi-fi connection for smartphone available through a dedicated app


The compressor continuously changes its running speed depending from ambient and set temperature. The compressor operates at maximum power to cool rapidly the cabins, but reaching the set temperature, it reduces the power and electricity consumption. In this way it maintains the optimal comfort level with the minimum consumption. The inverter works between 20 and 100 Hz.

Self-contained-VSD Uflex VELAIR units meet EMC 2004/108/EC directives.

Also available the version for the american market: 115V 50/60Hz


(No reviews yet) Write a Review