Aurora Parachute Rocket RED Pains Wessex

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Red Parachute Rocket
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Product Overview

Aurora Red Parachute Rocket

The Aurora Red Parachute rocket is a long range aerial distress signal. Designed to withstand exceptional environmental exposure and to perform reliably even after immersion in water.


  • Suitable for coastal and offshore use by all recreational craft including yachts, powerboats, RIBS, dinghies and canoes

Key Features

  • Ejects a red parachute flare at altitude 300m (1000ft), visible up to 30 miles away
  • Burn time: 40 seconds
  • Light intensity: 30,000 candela
  • Ignition: Pull wire


  • Conforms to SOLAS performance standards. BAM-P2-0059, 0589-P2-0046, USCG 160.036/15/1


(No reviews yet) Write a Review