AirX Marine wind turbine

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Product Overview

AirBreeze Marine wind turbine

12vDC and 24vDC options available


Quiet and reliable power during navigation


High performance in marine environment

AirBreeze is recommended for applications that require charging small battery banks in coastal areas, on boats, on docks and for every use in the marine environment.

The AirBreeze is the ideal wind turbine for hybrid photovoltaic applications, which allow to deal with cloudy periods without sun.


• Silent operation

• Delivers power even in low wind conditions

• Easy and fast installation

• Stop switch included

• Corrosion-resistant paint tested according to the standards SAEJ2334

• O-ring gaskets for marine environment

• Anodized alumimum hub

• Body: die-cast aluminum with corrosion-resistant paint

• Blades: composite material

• Ultra-quiet replacement blade set available - Suitable for AirX™ wind generators too - 68485M



AirX Marine 12V AirX Marine 24V
 Power  30kW h/m at 5,8 m/s (13 mph)
 Rotor diameter  1.17 m (6 in)
 Weight  5.9 kg (13 lb)
 Support  48 mm (1.9 in) external diameter
 Cut-in wind speed  3.58 m/s (8 mph)
 Voltage 12V DC 24V DC
 Charge controller  built-in charge controller with microprocessor
 Overspeed protection  by electronic control
 Max. wind speed  49.2 m/s (110 mph)
Part No. Model Description Dimensions
63034Z AirX Marine 12V Wind generator with 12V charge regulator 686 x 318 x 229 mm (27 x 12.5 x 9 in) imballo
63035B AirX Marine 24V Wind generator with 24V charge regulator 686 x 318 x 229 mm (27 x 12.5 x 9 in) imballo


(No reviews yet) Write a Review